At LaunchCapital, we spend a lot of time fostering networks.  For example, we have programs that actively connect like-minded portfolio companies with each other so they can share experiences and key insights into their customers, markets and products.  Occasionally, it becomes obvious that people within our network should also be under our umbrella.

With that, I would like to formally welcome Dave Shen to the LaunchCapital family.  Dave will be taking over as our West Coast Director – a position that I held for the past 2+ years.  He will also be continuing to foster relationships and lead deals in the web-tech and mobile space in New York City.

Dave and I met over 2 ½ years ago while serving together on the board of Lefora (sold to CRWG in 2010).  I was immediately impressed with Dave’s ability to leverage his deep experience and relationships to effect real change at the company.   As we began to get to know each other, we also began to co-invest in West Coast deals.  I made it a point to catch up with Dave, either via phone or in person on a fairly regular basis – and he quickly became a trusted advisor and confidant.

Dave’s balance of experience, skepticism and opportunism is a rare combination.  His experience in Silicon Valley and NYC before the seed craze began gives him an old school perspective that I like. His follow through is incredible.  Every entrepreneur that I talked to commented on the same characteristic: Dave is an investor that can be consistently relied upon to listen, process, act and respond to requests.

But, most importantly, Dave is a man who acts with integrity and candor.  LaunchCapital has always tried to have open and honest dialogues with people.  Sometimes it is hard.  Sometimes its is uncomfortable.  But, we have a firm belief that openness is one of the most important ways to build trust in a relationship.  Dave’s personality and the way he conducts business align with this mission and I am proud to have him carrying our logo on his bag.

Dave, welcome to the team – I have a lot to learn from you!