Towards the end of last year, my fellow associate, John Lanahan, and I started collaborating on a research project.  The goal of the project was to distill our views on the broader macro economy into discernible trends, which would inform LaunchCapital investment decisions moving forward.  The practice itself was nothing new – the LaunchCapital team spends a lot of time looking at particular companies and industries through a lens that is tinted by our own macro-economic views.  However, this was the first time that we had formalized the process.

John and I, as well as a few other members of the LaunchCapital team, collected and processed a significant amount of data – raw government data, industry reports, primary research, etc. – over a two-month time frame.  That data was organized into individual presentations along industry or conceptual lines – mobile, big data, h/w + s/w, education, etc.  From here we began to identify key trends – both those that were well established and confirmed by the data as well as those that were emerging and visible only after an examination across the various sets of data.

John and I indentified three broad trends that we believe stretch across industries and will accelerate over the next few years.  They include: 1) increased personal efficiency, 2) collision of the physical and tech world, and 3) speed is changing everything.  The following infographic walks you through these trends and some of the data behind them.  If you would like additional detail on our thought process for each of these trends, you can find it in our second MegaTrends post.

Since this is the first edition of what we hope will be an annual release, we would greatly appreciated your feedback.  For those interested, we are happy to discuss any of our sources and how the data informed our beliefs.  Please reach out in the comments section.

Continue on to Part II for more detailed information on the MegaTrends.