Compilation of fundraising resources and insights for entrepreneurs

There is an abundance of great content available to entrepreneurs on the fundraising process. However, a lot of the utility of that content isn’t fully realized as time strapped entrepreneurs often do not have bandwidth to go searching for it. Additionally, it can be tough to tell whats out there and what sub-catagories to consider, and as a result a lot of great content goes overlooked. The intent of A&O series is to simplify the entrepreneur’s research process through aggregating great content and organizing it by category.

So.. Below, organized by category, is a curated list of links to great fundraising content. It is likely a fraction of whats out there, but it covers the major staples of the fundraising process. Of course nothing below should be taken as gospel, it is merely outline of the factors to consider.

Feel free to comment with any links that you think belong below. The post will be updated often to include new content and reader recommendations.

Why Fundraise from Venture Investors?
Understanding the costs and benefits of venture fundraising

Economics of a VC firm
Understanding your current or potential appeal to their model

Fundraising Strategy
Creating demand for your startup (Must read — could fit into any category)

Business Plan and Pitch Decks
Templates and Best Practices

Reaching out to and Interacting with VCs
Demystifying the process

Seed Fundraising
Your first raise

Series A Fundraising
Capital to Scale

Corporate + Strategic Investors
Nuances and Motivations

Picking the right investor
Criteria to consider

How Much to Raise
Obvious and Non-Obvious Considerations

Understanding your sweet spot

Convertible Note versus Equity
Pros and Cons

SAFE docs
Emerging Standards

Why is this right so important to investors

Party Rounds
Don’t believe the hype

Participation of a Lifecycle VC
Implications for the future

What time of year to fundraise
Seasonality matters

Incubators + Accelerators
Understand the landscape

Angelist as a Fundraising Platform
Not to be overlooked

Fundraising Stories from Entrepreneurs
Candid and Valuable Insights from the Trenches (longer post)